Scientist at Heart

On a recent visit to the Yosemite Valley I noted that those glaciers that carved out the place some 10,000 years ago have all melted. That would be a clear sign that the earth is a warner place than it was during what we call the ice age. Evidently the recently discovered phenomena of climate change isn’t all that new.
Not questioning whether the current change in the climate is radically different than the past has become something of a religion. Those who think the process is a natural phenomenon are labeled as deniers equated to the flat earthers of many centuries ago. I offer here an explanation of why I remain unconvinced that the sky is falling and the end is near.
The scientific method is a process at the core of science for many centuries, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. At the core of the scientific method is observation and measurement and there is primary challenge to all those zealots of climate change. The number of data points is very large covering many places on the surface of the earth and those data points do not give us a clear pattern of increasing global temperatures. If, you consider that most of these changes are very small, smaller than the statistical plus and minus error parameters. It is possible to produce results that can be extrapolated to show a clear pattern of ever increasing surface temperatures. It is also possible to manipulate those numbers to extrapolate variances that are consistent with the past.
Those who understand the scientific method, understand that challenging the hypothesis is at the center of science. I am doing just that, challenging the basic hypothesis of those who are a part of the ‘chicken little’ cult.