This personal website for Steve Garrett provides a portal to several places and activities that involve Steve Garrett. In addition there are a few pages with information about Steve Garrett including a brief biography, explanation of the quest to visit all National Parks and a few random thoughts on life.

Steve Garrett Photo Blog 

Steve Garrett is a photographer with many years of experience. The photo blog features some of the more than 20,000 photographs taken by Steve Garrett over the last half century. A new photo is posted every Monday morning.


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 Steve Garrett and Associates

Steve Garrett and Associates, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor and Branch Office of LPL Financial.


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 Steve Garrett Expert Witness

 Steve Garrett has served as an expert witness on financial services and corporate governance before FINRA arbitration panels and in various courts through the United States on dozens of occasions.


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 Rainmaker Consulting Network 

The Rainmaker Consulting Network has the express purpose of making a difference in the personal and professional lives of others through publications, workshops, speaking engagements and one on one consulting.

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Steve Garrett, Past District Governor, Rotary International

Steve Garret has an involvement in Rotary International that goes back several decades. He offers information and opinions on many topics.


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Steve Garrett, Merit Badge Counselor, Boy Scouts of America

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Steve Garrett Facebook page.


Steve Garrett LinkedIn Page.